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    Access of your brand to mainstream or local tv stations. 



    Your message could be on air above your target market.
    We carefully identify the right channels, voices and sounds to carry your story. To be sure it will be heard.



    Bigger and impressive, everywhere!
    Tell your story on your customers road, when they walk or drive and never lose connection.



    Your story could become most read newspaper or magazine article.


    Our services

    Ideas that lead to new actions


    Outsoucing in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is on the 1stplace in Europe, on the 9thplace worldwide (Kearney) and on the 3rdplace worldwide (Cushmannand Wakefield), classified as the best outsourcing location.
    Bulgaria is a reputable and highly attractive destination to ITO, BPO and LPO services. According to A.T. Kearney’s 2014 report it is the most preferred place four outsourcing in Europe and is the only European country that entered the top 10 destinations for outsourcing in the world. Bulgaria ranked ninth on the Global Services Location Index of inter¬national consultancy’s index that covers 51 countries worldwide. Bulpros has two delivery office locations in Bulgaria, one in the capital Sofia and another one in the second biggest city in the country – Plovdiv.


    Outsourced Marketing Services

    We have The right people that could boost business.
    When you choose to outsource key elements of your business, you expect major improvements in terms of efficiency, cost-savings and an enhanced customer experience.  That’s precisely what our outsourcing services deliver – freeing up your organization’s precious time and energy to focus on your core activities.
    We place ourselves in a position within your organizational structure to drive change. Prioritizing objectively and working to transform service delivery, we focus on your capability, ambition, and brand, serving as a catalyst to put you ahead of the competition.
    Put simply, we know how to make a client’s business work better. We prove it by sitting on the same side of the table, sharing the risks and actively seeking reward structures that give us a stake in your success.
    The key benefits of a Marketing Retainer are:

    • A marketing resource that will get to work quickly, ‘hit the ground running’ with a track record of delivering a significant and early ROI.
    • Eliminating the need and expense of recruiting a marketing team plus: no recruitment fees; no national insurance payments; no holiday and sick pay commitment; no additional hardware and software costs.
    • Access to a network of discounted third party advertising, data and print suppliers.
    • Having a team of professionals dedicated to your organisation: access to your own Marketing Director and to a team with expertise across all areas of marketing.
    • Flexible service packages tailored just to your needs, so you will pay exactly for what you get.

    Our passion?


    Seeing businesses grow.


    Full service starts with brief and ends with final report.

    Sharp Media is a true partner, in every sense of the word.We align our goals with our client’s business objectives. There are few agencies that can create integrated campaignsthat live across multiple channels. And there are even fewerthat approach campaigns as we do—starting from a digital centerand building to outbound messaging on TV, in print, and out of home. It’s an approach that leads to consistent, truly integrated campaignsand brand experiences that consumers want to share with others. Because of our unique approach, we create campaigns that areintegrated and consistent in ways that go beyond the superficial. The result is work that consumers want to engagewith and share with others.All Connected










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    Just leave basic details about you and your business and we will get in touch with you asap.

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