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In SharpMedia outsourcing agency we understand that users are the most important factor for the success of your website. That is why it is crucial that your content creates an exciting experience. Business goals must be implemented in a clear and yet complimentary way to your brand’s persona. We offer assistance to content creation with full optimization so that your website is effectively noticed and easily found. This means auditing and analyzing current data available on your platform, editing or creating new pieces of information, distribution and redistribution.

The content that you are going to present is like the actor on the stage. You must know exactly its target goals and present it in a way that will reach them. Content’s optimization (how it is linked through your social media profiles, news feeds, site blog posts etc.) is the backstage performance. Every process depends on the another. It is not only about generating consistent posts but also presenting the information as unique and genuine as possible.

Some of our content creation solutions are:


Blog content adds value to your
website and keeps users engaged –
we can create it.


Authenticity and value with
unique texts to reach the right


With usage of keywords and
copy writing of unique texts.​


Represent simple pieces of
information in attractive and
interesting styles.


Elaboration on specific topics’


Powerful content to present
your product or services.

Reaching a goal to integrity between different platforms’ content is our milestone. A powerful message through all your brand’s platforms will be worked on so that it carries one voice. Our content marketing strategy involves various and attractive methods to fill in the gaps.

We are creative when we work on the content that our clients desire to generate. What are you aiming at? Content that inspires to action? One that confirms assumptions or challenges them? Let’s talk it through and we will do our best to recreate it.

Our content creation

The internet, today, is full of content and content production is constantly rising. You can find all sorts of information within easy reach. When elaborating on your platform’s content SharpMedia takes into consideration:

Simplicity – Core idea and concept must be simple and clear. Usage of graphs or other visual tools to represent complicate and detailed information in the best way possible. Simplicity refers not only for the visuals. Content’s message must be implemented with good overall quality.

Quality – In order to be as genuine as possible, firstly, industry/competitors’/topic’s analysis must be made. It is good to get familiar with as much information as possible and know about current trends. On top of that – a style guideline will add to the overall quality of your content.

Emotion – Content must be exciting. Audiences tend to relate to the stories they read, viewers like to establish relation to what they are seeing. Being true about emotions makes content easier to relate to and most importantly authentic.

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