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If you want to promote your business besides the organic results generated by a good SEO performance then Google AdWords is the advertising campaign to go beyond that performance. Pay Per Click advertising is a strong card if you want to effectively get your name out there.

 The good news here is that you pay only for the users who actually click on your ad and as a result land on your webpage. So what we must make sure of here is not just the management and tracking of your paid campaigns. We also work to reach the unique and special value of your ad content. This means knowing exactly which audiences we want to reach and what message will make them interested in your business. Outsourcing agency SharpMedia is here to manage your PPC campaigns and make the most of them. 


Core services that we cover:

shopping campaigns


E-commerce integration to
sell your products everywhere


Best volume at the lowest
key rates.



Current site’s visitors analysis
and (re)targeting potential users.


Testing and analyzing.
Monitoring of PPC.

& Modify

Improvements on campaigns
and its application.


Showing right product to the right customer

Firstly, we must know the goal of your campaign. Is it generating more traffic through your website, collecting pieces of information from registered emails, sales of products or services, or a combination from both? Secondly – planning and planning! PPC campaigns must be constantly planned and changed if necessary in order to reach the optimal goal. 

Keywords definition, competition analysis and many other factors which we will consider should you approach our outsourcing services. SharpMedia is here to manage your AdWords profile, track its progress, discuss changes and results with you until we find the best ‘character’ for your campaign.

Advantages of PPC advertising

Paid campaigns are very important when it comes to boosting performance and attaining more visibility through search consoles. If you want to generate more valuable traffic and increase revenue – Paid Per Click ads are a must. Unlike SEO improvements which are seperately defined if they were succesfull or not, PPC campaign’s success is confirmed.  This mean of advertising offers quick entry for your newly developed website or already well established name. It brings its rentability making it one of the most effective tools in online marketing. 

What’s more PPC advertigins provides lots of valuable information – for easier tracking of results and consequently making the analyses for your traffic channels. It grants range of possibilities to  chose how to reach potenrial prospects. Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can attract visitors to your platform and improve the ROI on your content.

Outsourcing through SharpMedia for your Paid Per Click campaigns is an effective and cost-saving way to make this happen. We are here to help! 


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