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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to measures that search engines such as Google and Bing apply when it comes to the ranking of a website. These can be around 200 benchmarks or factors and the more your website covers the higher ranking it receives. And this results to more visitors clicking on your website. SEO optimization is the core to make this happen.

So if your website has the right structuregood content and targeted linking – results are sure to improve. Better online presence and reputation leads to business turnovers.

In SharpMedia outsourcing studio we have the experience to develop your website performance and make it within easy reach for your clients and future prospects. We will start by analyzing the performance of your website. This involves keywords research, competitors’ analysis and reporting in order to track the scope of your current content and how effective it is. After that, we will be able to carry out a strategy plan and discuss the possible changes together.

Some of the basic practices that we cover within our SEO services include:


Auditing the current status of your
website’s ranking and SEO performance;
traffic analysis.


What are the trends right now?
What are the keywords we can change
to beat your competitors?


Website analysis; Improve the content of website’s elements – HTML tags; Meta titles; Page headings; Keyword density; We will develop original content and build stronger internal links.


Improve brand’s reputation outside
your website. Link building from external quality pages and social media presence improvements.

Reports &

Tracking of our work and analyzing results. 
Analysis on your performance in 
Google Search Console.

We will firstly work on the implementation of OnPage SEO measures. These are all the parts on your website (such as meta titles, images, keywords definition, description, internal links, etc.) that must be improved for its better ranking in search engines. See also – content creation.

Then to get closer to search engine visibility we will work on the OffPage optimization. This means elaboration on social media profiles, link building and also all that is done outside your website (e.g. leaving comments, writing an article for another blog and many others).

What is your business aiming at and how can
we get closer to there? We are here to help!

Relating to our  integrated strategy we will optimize your content on all your platforms so that content meaning has a similar message – on all your social media profiles and website platform

SharpMedia will work as closely as possible with you throughout the whole process of optimizing your website towards a better performance. We will be available for discussions and changes implementations whenever necessary. We believe that great results begin to emerge after great collaboration. That is why it is important for us to be transparent and have a clear connection with our clients. 

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